Clare Fotografie

Clare is a photographic artistic with an unquenchable resolve to reveal her creativity through her work. After studying Graphic Art at Swinburne University, Clare travelled the world, finding design and photographic opportunities in London, Europe and the USA. A successful exhibition instigated a professional liaison with photographer David Richmond, with whom she assisted on photo shoots such as Big Easy awards and for Gambit magazine. She has also worked with numerous fashion photographers throughout America. Clare’s extensive international experiences have exposed to her the creative potential of photography. Leaving New Orleans and heading to New York, Clare staged her first solo exhibition, titled ‘The Character of Life’, at the Soho Lounge in New York. Her passion for cameras cemented, Clare formalized her calling with studies in Fine Art Photography at RMIT University in Melbourne. In May 2003, Clare presented an exhibition at Blupols Gallery in Melbourne ‘The streets have no names’ resulting in sales of her work and an excellent response from gallery patrons and followed his with a stint in Melbourne as a professional photographer with Animal House Studios. Over the following decade, Clare built a strong portfolio in portrait, fashion, and commercial photography. She finds immense satisfaction in her ability to work with other creative people – perceiving immense benefit in synergies and fostering her growth as a visual artist. Clarefotografie was established as a commercially- oriented business that focuses on evoking inner beauty and spirit. The company is based in Sydney, Australia